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FOX News
Oct 18, 2012 5:00pm PDT
in february, jim. first we stop in houston on november 24th, salt lake city on december 8th. details on bill o' finally, tip of the day, news week magazine is folding. the magazine will go out of business at the end of the year. it will remain on the net, but so what? the reason the once proud publication is just that. it was identified with left wing politics. in print you cannot alienate more than half of the population by pushing a political agenda. people are reading much less these days. preferring to cruise the net for information. if a major magazine or a newspaper wants to remain viable , it has to be fair. can't just walk away from potential customers. "factor" tip of the day, ideology can hurt you in business, and in your personal life. be fair, and be reasonable. tip of the day. please check out the fox news "factor" website, different than bill o' also, we would like you to spout off about "the factor" from anywhere in name and town, name and town. word of the day, do not be a varlet when writing to "the factor." last week i asked you guys, if you'
FOX News
Oct 30, 2012 5:00pm PDT
this evening. take you to the storm zone first up. joining us from queens new york jonathan hunt. what's the most dramatic thing you saw today, jonathan. >> bill, two things. first of all, the suspect rise over the city of long beach, long island. today revealing the utter devastation there. it's a city on a barrier island. the waters from the ocean side met with the waters from the bay side completely innun dating i would say pretty much the ground floor of every single home of that entire city. then tonight, coming here to breezy point and seeing an image that was like something from the world war ii blitz in london in one small community, bill, 80 to 100 homes literally burned to the ground. and the stark image i saw as i waded down through the floodwaters of that scene of just a lone chimney stack the only thing left standing in that community tonight, bill. >> fire started, right? >> yeah, absolute miracle, bill that everybody got out alive. you know how tightly packed these homes are in the communities like this here in queens. >> bill: everybody would have been dead who stayed t
FOX News
Oct 27, 2012 1:00am PDT
in. careful what you wish for, it is possible. first we have to do houston on november 24 and salt lake city on december 8. well, i appreciate that, brian. and finally tonight, factor tip of the day. in this segment we try to give you stuff that will help you. here is a tip. this weekend take 30 minutes, a half hour, figure out what your worst thing in your life is. what is the worst thing in your life. could be a person, situation, bad habit. figure it out. be by yourself. take that time by yourself. write it down and put it away. then next week when you have a few moments start to federal government out how to get whatever is hurting you the most out of your life without committing a felony. sounds simple but you would be surprised just how many people never ever confront destructive things. don't be one of them. factor tip of the day. and that is it for us tonight. check out the fox news factor website. different from bill o'reilly .com. if you came in late my talking points memo is 6.5 minutes long about jennifer griffin's reporting on libya and how president obama is dodging t
FOX News
Oct 29, 2012 5:00pm PDT
. they will be closed again tomorrow for the first time since 1888 that weather has forced wall street to shut down for multiple days. david lee miller has been traveling around the southern tip of our city. david lee, what are you seeing out there? >> shepard, it's no exaggeration to say much of manhattan at this hour looks like the sets of a disaster film. lower manhattan especially. flooding continues. much of the battery which is the area lie lowing at the tip of manhattan now covered with with water. the water continues to cass -- cass dated one of the roadways. zone a a mandatory evacuation have said they refuse to leave. about 10% of the people who live there. con ed now turning off the power that has already not been disconnected in order to prevent damage to their system. and off in the distance, shepard, across the hudson river in new jersey, i have seen repeated explosion. i am told that they are transformers that are simply exploding sending a magnificent explosion of light that you can see across the river as i travel knot up manhattan up along eighth avenue. very disturbing and upsett
FOX News
Oct 30, 2012 1:00am PDT
of the boardwalk that i was standing on friday when we first arrived here that part of the boardwalk as far as we can see in the darkness completely gone. that is the city's famous boardwalk no more and this long section known as the inlet section. you can see the beacons out there on the buoys lighting up. as far as we see the beacons the boardwalk ainsley completely do gone in atlantic city. i can't give you an assessment of the damage because most of the city is unaccessible right now. close look at how bad things are here. if it is this bad here i am sure it is bad in other sections. >> we knew it would be bad when the casinos are shutting down in advance. thank you so much. stay safe. steve keele in atlantic city. >> we luwill be looking at the amount of dollar damages. >> shutting down the new york stock exchange for a second day in a row. last time the market closed because of weather was 1985. the reason then was hurricane gloria. the most anticipated economic report that is left before the election may be delayed dabecau of sandy. the monthly report for the month of october is scheduled
FOX News
Oct 29, 2012 8:00pm PDT
got hit the hardest. sort of atlantic city cape may area. >> yes. true. that is what i'm understanding. you -- the news i was listening to you on this phone here is the first we've heard since mid afternoon. so... we've been surrounded by water power and just riding it out. >> is -- there are other people that wanted to stay? you talked about the people, your neighbors. >> yeah. two next to me on one side their house has flooding in it. a guy across the street we live on the bay here. there is seven couples up the street here. seven houses.. >> did water come up to the home if your on the bay? >> yes. it came up. fortunately came about four inches from getting on the first floor. right now i'm about a foot above the water i'm standing on the first floor. >> so do you have a basement? it's probably a pool now. >> well, my crawl space has been a pool all day. >> and this, you weren't frightened?. >> uh, no. i just rode it out before here, i'll be honest this is the worst it's been in 40 years here. probably lost shingles and stuff and have a leak or two, but thank god we're all right. >>
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)